Plaspac is one of the manufacturers of plastic products. We are experienced in leading manufacturing Lids, boxes, trays, and some plastic household goods PP, LDPE, HDPE, POM, ABS, etc … to serve domestic and export customers.

Plaspac is equipped with equipment and machinery imported from Singapore, Tai Wan and China to serve the production process with a total capacity of 180 tons of products / year. Our technical team is well trained with the most advanced techniques, complying with environmental regulations to maintain supervision and quality control for our products and services.

We work directly with customers to deliver cost effective programs that are tailored to the needs of each business. Regardless of your need to use our existing designs, or require other specifications / designs, we are committed to delivering more than expected performance.

Plaspac Vietnam, after nearly 2 years of operation and development in Vietnam, Plaspac is gradually asserting its position in the manufacturing of plastic products. The customers, the domestic brands that Plaspac is supplying Issues are: MOSFLY, KING STAR, URAI, FALCON, NUMBER ONE, TAN TAN, OSEVEN, TAI TAI etc …

Plaspac’s product quality is not only a reflection of the company, but also of its customer value. It has been proven by global customer satisfaction and by long-term cordial business relationships with key business partners. That’s why quality is the focus and responsibility of every employee at Plaspac.

Strict final product quality control process. Before reaching the hands of the user, the product must undergo a thorough 5-step quality appraisal by both manual and mechanical methods.

Plaspac Vietnam is confident to provide customers with high quality goods, reasonable prices and best service.

We hope to receive the attention of our customers so that we have the opportunity to provide the best products and services to you.